Till a few years back people used to look for high salaried jobs. This has changed considerably to the point where people ask what the package is rather than the salary. The perks offered by an employer are more valued these days. The work culture and a considerate boss are something every job aspirant desires for. Among these trends, hiring a better office pantry supplies Dubai also has its place. Food culture is often associated with genuine care for the employees in an organization.

Moreover, according to a journal published by the US National Library of Medicine, community factors such as access to healthy food options can positively influence employees’ health choices in the workplace. We have moved on to a time in which people opt for such healthy options rather than a bulky bank account. In this blog, we will further analyze the need for a well-stocked office pantry:                                                                                                          

Employee Satisfaction

A well-maintained and stocked pantry will make a positive impression on the employees about the work culture. The realization that their needs are cared for makes a valued feeling in them. The result is a satisfied lot of employees.

Healthy choices

We live in an unhealthy fast-food culture. Pantry items supplier in UAE finds this culture unsustainable for a healthy workforce. Junk foods will make the workers lethargic and demotivating to work. If a well-stocked pantry can offer healthy snacks and beverages this issue can be addressed.

Increased productivity

The healthier options mentioned in the previous point have impacts on reducing the rate of sick leaves. Another point is that if the employees have better food options in the nearby pantry, they will opt out of visiting faraway restaurants. The time for commuting can be used for productive work. As a whole productivity is increased.

Team connectivity

In the new work culture, a pantry is a space for employees to gather and connect. It will foster teamwork and spontaneous brainstorming sessions.

Sustained Energy

A hungry stomach shows tantrums like a baby. This will reduce the concentration at work. Office pantry supplies Dubai works hard to avoid this productivity loss resulting from an insufficient pantry supplies. As a result, the employee will be energized and focused to work better.

A hub of celebrations 

Employees need a proper space to celebrate. The achievements of a co-worker could be celebrated at the pantry. This is possible if only they can be supplied with healthy and tasty treats. Otherwise, they will have to look outside for celebrations.

Retention and Recruitment

To put it simply, a workplace that prioritizes employee well-being is a workplace that retains and attracts employees. Proper pantry supplies being a symbol of employee well-being, are a selling point for recruiters. Considering the cost incurred in replacing employee dropouts and training them, it is better to retain them with efforts on their well-being.


Stepping out of the office for food or bringing food from home will be an inconvenience, especially during a busy schedule. The employees will appreciate the availability of food nearby, in the pantry.


Office pantry supplies Dubai charges a reasonable price for availing consistent supplies. This may appear to be an unwanted expense. But considering the long-term impacts like increased productivity and reduced turnover costs these expenses are cost effective.

Impression on Clients

A well-supplied pantry can make positive impressions on clients and visitors regarding the company’s attention to detail and employee well-being. The importance of a well-stocked pantry is hence established. Now it is your turn to make it practical. You can avail robust supplies for your office pantry from top suppliers like Find General Trading. Since we care for your needs, quality products are supplied ensuring cost effectiveness.